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Microgaming Casino Spanish Blackjack

Microgaming casino Spanish Blackjack
Spanish Blackjack is a variant of blackjack that is offered at all Microgaming online casinos. The most striking feature of this online blackjack game is that the deck has only 48 cards instead of the regular 52 cards. All the tens are removed from the deck. Such decks are referred to as Spanish decks. Other than this the rules are similar to the usual blackjack games. The exact rules under which Spanish Blackjack is played at Microgaming online casinos are explained below. The game is played with eight Spanish decks. The dealer will check for blackjack when he is dealt face up card with a value of 10 or an ace. If the dealer has a blackjack then the player loses his wager. The dealer hits on a hand value of soft 17. The rules for splitting are as follows. Cards having the same value can also be split
such as a queen and a jack. Blackjack obtained after splitting aces and tens does not count as blackjack but as a hand value of 21. A player can split a maximum of three times in a game. Players can double down after a split. The usual insurance and late surrender bets apply. However
because the tens have been removed from the decks the insurance bet is a sucker bet in Spanish Blackjack and it should never be placed. Overall Spanish Blackjack offers a house edge of around 0.5% which is par for blackjack games. The minimum bet is 1 credit and the maximum bet is 500 credits. A feature in Spanish Blackjack
which is not found in other variants of blackjack
is the bonus payout for special combinations of hands that yield a hand value of 21. The Bonus 21 hand combinations and their payouts are bulleted below. Three sevens of the same suit
if the dealer has a seven face up: 50:1 Any five card 21: 3:2 Six
seven and eight of a mixed suit: 3:2 Three sevens of a mixed suit: 3:2 Any seven card or more 21: 3:1 Six
seven and eight of spades: 3:1 Three sevens of spades: 3:1 Any six card 21: 2:1 Six
seven and eight of the same suit: 2:1 Three sevens of the same suit: 2:1 Microgaming Spanish Blackjack belongs to the Gold Series of Microgaming online casino games. Therefore it is more elegantly crafted than the normal games offered by Microgaming and also contains several useful features. When the cursor is moved over the Game Rules text
all the game rules appear in a pop-up box. However
the most important feature in the Gold Series Spanish Blackjack is the Expert Mode. It has the Auto Play feature. This feature allows the players to set a number of deals that can be played without having to interact with the software manually. The time between deals can also be set. The Auto Play can be programmed to stop when any of a number of conditions is met such as a specified amount of a win
a specified increase in number of credits or a specified it decrease in number of credits. Auto Play in blackjack will work only if a strategy card is provided. Spanish Blackjack provides an optimum play default strategy card according to which all the moves are made in the Auto Play. Should the player want to make any changes in this strategy card he can access the card through the Expert Mode and save the modified strategy card
which will then be used in subsequent Auto Play games. Articles from Casino Advisor


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