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Your First Blackjack Experience

Your First blackjack Experience
The first time that you play blackjack can be intimidating
and often times scary. After all
you may feel out of place or simply afraid that you are going to lose too much money.Fortunately
your first blackjack experience does not have to be a bad one. Instead
if you know what you are doing
you can have a lot of fun the first time around.Here are three tips to follow when you are finally ready to sit down at a blackjack table for the first time.1. Choose a table that does not have a big minimum bet. You will want to start out slow so that you can forget about losing too much money. In addition to a low wager table
have a budget that you can keep you in check. For instance
give yourself $100 to learn what the game is all about. From there
you can place bets and see how far it gets you.2. Learn the basic rules of the game before you ever head to the casino. When you know the basics
you will not feel as if you are out of place. Remember
blackjack is not a difficult game to come to terms with. If you are interested in playing
you need to put the time into learning the rules.3. Do not choose a table that is overly crowded. For your first blackjack experience you will be much better off at a table with little to no traffic. This will give you the chance to take your time while making bets
and move at your own pace. If you are going to be visiting a large casino
you should have plenty of tables to choose from.These three tips will help to make your first blackjack experience one to remember. You do not have to be scared
or worried that you are going to get scammed out of your money. Instead
follow these tips and have a great time. Remember
you are only a first time player once.  © Copyright 2007 Online Blackjack News. This material may not be published
or redistributed.


An Alternative to Wonging

An Alternative to Wonging
In Beat the Dealer
Ed Thorp says he started out with 1:10 bet variation. When that attracted too much attention
he cut back so that his big bet was a smaller multiple of his small bet. Most authors since Thorp have written as though 1:4 was large enough. I took small bet variation to the extreme in Professional Blackjack
recommending flat bets and Wonging. It is also possible to get away with the other extreme — to use bet variation
and lots of it. You might be able to get away with one hand of $25 on the worst situations and have two hands of $200 or more on the best. In casinos where bets over $100 attract too much attention
you might be able to get away with $5 to $100. Bet variation is tolerated better now than it was in the 1970s. Perhaps this is due to the increased number of Asian customers in casinos now. In Macao and other countries in the Orient
huge bet variation is the norm; if the table limit is 10 to 2000 in local currency
most customers seem willing to bet 10 for a starter and progress to 2000 if they hit a winning streak. If casino employees see enough poor players use huge bet variation
then a card counter using big bet variation can blend right in. The trick to getting away with big bet variation is to do it in other than a mechanical
by-the-numbers way. For example
you might occasionally pop out a big bet on the first round after a shuffle. If you are going $25 to two hands of $200
for example
you might sometimes bet one hand of $100 or more on the first round. If you bet $100 on the first round
then you might go up to $200 or drop to $25 on the second round
depending on the count. Thus you get a $25 to $200 spread on the second round. Cutting back from $100 to $25 does not seem to attract attention. If you had bet only $25 on the first round you certainly would attract attention betting $200 on the second round!. Try to avoid any sort of a pattern. For example
if you realize that for the last ten minutes you have been betting only one or two green chips each hand because the count has not gone very high
you might pop out five greens on the first round after the shuffle. Your expected win is negative on that one bet
but it buys you the ability to bet five or more green chips on the next good count. Do not use bet variation in a mechanical manner. If the count calls for a big bet
just grab a handful of chips and place them in the circle. If you want to bet $200 and have you are betting quarters
for example
you may actually have $200 out there
but if you did not grab exactly the correct number of chips you might bet $175 or $225. People do not seem to pay as much attention to how much you bet as how you bet it. You would probably get more attention carefully counting out $150 than by quickly grabbing a handful of chips that happens to total $225. A side benefit from betting odd amounts is more dealer errors. For example
once I bet $55 in $5 chips and was allowed to insure the whole bet for just $25. The dealer thought I had bet an even $50. Bet what you can get away with rather than trying to bet an optimal amount that depends on the count. If the count is negative
try to bet the least you can get away with. If you have an edge
try to bet as close to the optimal amount as possible with the constraint that you want your bet size to look natural to whoever is watching.   At
there is an exciting and fun collection of Video Slots
Single-Line Slots
Multi-Line Slots
Progressive Slots and several Video poker Slots. Join now!


Spanish Blackjack Game

Spanish Blackjack Game

Blackjack is well known all over the globe
and because of its popularity comes a lot of variations that everybody enjoys. Winning is a Spanish blackjack requires careful strategy with the use of intelligence to bring the winning odds to your favor.

The Insurance Wager in Blackjack

An Insurance wager is a bad bet even if you have a good hand. You will be making a whole different wager when you choose the Insurance bet in blackjack. You should think twice before making this wager.

Blackjack Card Values

In adding up blackjack card values
suits are not taken into consideration in tallying up a hand total. See how values are assigned per card in playing blackjack and see the versatility of the ace card in generating a soft total and a hard total in the game.


Bodog Casino’s Top Winners of the Day

Bodog Casino’s Top Winners of the Day

Joshua R. of MI found a great way to get over the mid-week slump and that’s by winning a grand total of $36
910 playing online blackjack here at Bodog casino Today was a great day for our casino players who claimed thousands in cash playing their favorite casino games. Zachary K. of NY came in […]

Online Blackjack Tips

Online blackjack is a fun and easy way to start getting into online casino games. If you already know how to play blackjack from playing it in live casinos
you’ll have no problem with the online version
since the games play almost identically. With online blackjack
there are a few important tips to keep in […]

Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Just because you know the rules of blackjack
that doesn’t mean you know how to win. Similarly
just because you know how to win at blackjack
that doesn’t mean you know how to win a blackjack tournament. Blackjack tournaments introduce several unique game mechanics
and the best players know how to adjust their strategy accordingly. […]


Max Rubin: A Veteran in the World of Blackjack

Max Rubin: A Veteran in the World of blackjack

Max Rubin is like one of the many professional blackjack players who do not merely play to earn money. Rubin is also interested in sharing his skills with other people. He does not only like teaching blackjack players on how to improve their moves
but he also loves training blackjack dealers to improve their craft.

How Drinking Can Make You Lose in Blackjack

Drinking and playing blackjack in a casino look good together. However
there are some reasons why you shouldn’t drink while you make blackjack bets.

Can I get a swanky Vegas gambling experience – but with low limits?

Can I get a swanky Vegas gambling experience – but with low limits?
I’m currently staying in Las Vegas and it seems silly not to have a go at play roulette and maybe some blackjack. The GF would like to try playing some slots. Where can we go on the mid-strip which is suitably classy but at the same time has low limits? We’re currently staying at the Mirage and whilst their casino looks nice, the limits seem to be $10+. Considering that I’m only budgeting $100, this isn’t going to get me very far. As such, I’d like any recommendations on places on the strip which: 1. Are swanky (so we at least have a decent Vegas experience) 2. Have low limit slots (to keep the GF happy) 3. Have low limit roulette and blackjack casino (say $2-$5) so that I can at least place more than 10 bets. 4. Are on the strip and ideally not too far away from the Mirage (as it’ll probably be the last thing we do before going back to the hotel). I don’t plan to make an evening of it as our itinerary is pretty booked up, so maybe only an hour. Many thanks!

Oklahoma blackjack info?
How can I find out which Indian casinos in Oklahoma do NOT charge an ante? Most of them charge an ante (a small per-hand fee, typically $1 or less), but a few have spans of hours or days every week in which they do NOT charge an ante. Can you tell me what times and which casinos these are?



bet365 Casino Launches New Live Dealer Experience – 12-04-10

bet365 Casino Launches New Live Dealer Experience – 12-04-10
December 4 – has taken their casino games offering to a new level with the launch of new Euro Live Dealer games including roulette, baccarat and blackjack…

Blackjack Hopefuls: What you need to know

Blackjack Hopefuls: What you need to know
Are you one of the thousands of people who want to win a lot of money with blackjack? If you are holding onto this hope
good for you.

Best Blackjack Game & Double Exposure
Simulation results indicate that there are vital differences in what your time is worth for different playing conditions. Penetration is important. The rules are important.

Online Blackjack Tips

Online blackjack is a fun and easy way to start getting into online casino games. If you already know how to play blackjack from playing it in live casinos
you’ll have no problem with the online version
since the games play almost identically. With online blackjack
there are a few important tips to keep in […]

Casino Games – explanation of the rules

Save yourself from costly mistakes by taking in advance the time to read the rules and learn how to play the game. Many Best Online Casino offer free games that allow you to use some time training money to gain a better understanding of the game before you dare at the real Best Online Casino games.

Casino games have simple rules, you can learn as a player in a few minutes. Online gambling always play on casino games that have marked buttons and options. So you know at any time what action you must perform in order to play a casino game.
Rules & Strategy
to obtain an insight into game strategies that increase the odds of the player, Party Casino Promo Code and make enticing, exciting and satisfying.

The rules explain the purpose of the game, they outline the best approach to resolve to give valuable advice to help you in your pursuit of profit, listen odds and also payment processes.

Some games are easier to play than others. But it is advantageous to become familiar with the Party Casino Promo Code game rules and conditions.

Casino rules and more
Our selection of offers casino rules you much more than just casino game rules alone. How to find the end of game rules, a recommendation. This recommendation will tell you exactly at which online casino you can play games flash the question best. Here, the casino games have been compared not only based on user-friendliness. The casino software and Party Casino Promo Code options included in the result with a.

If you are completely familiar with the casino game rules of the game of your choice? Use the instructions in your online game and look at the result!

read more



Win $18,000 in the August Slots Freeroll at Online Vegas Casino

Win $18
000 in the August Slots Freeroll at Online Vegas Casino
000 Prize PoolIt’s true
online casino gamblers only have to register a real money account at Online Vegas Casino to join the “Hot August Freeroll.” This week-long online slots tournament is played out on the Fire Hawk Slot and the $75
000 in guaranteed prize money is paid out all the way to 1000th place. $30
000 Weekend TournamentsNext to the big freeroll there are three great Weekend Madness tournaments on August 6
20 and 27. These $10 buy-in tournaments last from Friday to Tuesday and pay a guaranteed $30
000 to the top finishers. 110 Online Casino TournamentsBesides the $75
000 Hot August Freeroll and the $30
000 Weekend Madness tournaments there are 108 other online casino tournaments at Online Vegas
including blackjack
video poker and more online slots tournaments.   

Online Gambling – Online Betting

Online gambling encompasses many forms of betting.  Much of the betting is done by playing games such as poker as well as casino games.  There is a lot of betting that goes on due to sports betting as well.  At many casino sites you can actually bet on sporting matches if you so choose.  If you follow sports and are looking for some action to make the games you watch more interesting, you can go to some online casinos that allow this type of gambling.  There are many online casinos that allow betting on sports.

There are various sports that you can bet on when you are gambling online.  You can bet on football, boxing or other matches when you go online to play.  Odds are usually given when you are sports betting, so you need to watch the odds and see how much you can win if your team comes in first.  If the team is heavily favored to win a match, then there will be odds included.  This means that usually not only does the team have to win, but has to win by a certain number of points.  You should understand how sports betting works when you are gambling online so that you know how to bet on points.

You can get into some pools when you are sports betting online as well.  Not all of the gambling that has to do with sports is whether or not a team will win or lose.  In some cases, the end score is bet upon when you are betting on a sports game.  There a number of pools that you can get into when you are gambling on sports online.

When you are gambling on sports such as boxing matches, you not only usually pick the winner of the match when you are betting, but in some cases, how many rounds the fight will go.  Sports betting is not difficult at all, but it is important for players to understand how this type of gambling works.  They need to understand the different forms of betting that are available when they are gambling in this way as well as when they are betting on different sports.

You can have a lot of fun betting on your favorite sports team as well as possibly winning money when you go to an online casino that allows sports gambling.  You should take a look at the different casinos online as some of them offer sports betting while others do not.  Some of the sites that do take sports bets even allow for bonuses for new players that can be added to their account.  If you enjoy betting on sporting matches, then you can do so right online when you are gambling from your own computer.  Be sure that you understand any points that are given by way of odds and the type of bets that you are making when you practice sports gambling online.  You can bet for or against your favorite team in this way and have a lot of fun watching the sports as they become more interesting when there is money on it.


Blackjack school

Blackjack school

Now the UK’s citizens can learn how to play blackjack and become blackjack dealers with Fylde College.

New Games And Goodies At All Slots Casino
Free Spins & BonusesThis month’s new games are called ‘Magic Multiplier’ and ‘Sugar Mama’. Sugar Mama is a big time 50 pay-line slot that offers bonuses
multipliers and the chance to win 100x your initial bet. As for Magic Multiplier
it’s jam packed with features as well
including free spins
bonuses and rewards that will have your bankroll smiling. Special PromosBesides the new games
All Slots also has a busy promotion schedule in April. From April 14th till April 20th is the ‘Slots All Star Competition’
where players will be hitting the slots and fighting for prizes at the top of All Slot’s leader board.   The Slots All Star Competition is immediately followed by the ‘Head of the Table Playoff’
that will run from April 21st through April 27th. And don’t forget
if the Prize Patrol spots you playing one of the new games these days
you will be on the receiving end of a surprise gift as well. Live DealersThese are definitely great times to be playing at All Slots Casino. The gaming giants are also preparing their new Flash casino platform
complete with the Live Dealer game suite. This collection includes games like Blackjack
roulette and Baccarat that are hosted by real
live dealers. The new Flash casino will be released in English
but French
Dutch and Swedish will be following soon.

Double Your Slot Rewards On Earth Day – Millionaire Casino
Earth DayMillionaire is celebrating Earth Day (Thursday April 22nd) by offering slot players double the reward points all throughout the day. These are the points that in return can be redeemed for cash
exclusive merchandise or used to buy into the monthly sweepstakes. But it goes without saying that you have to be part of the Millionaire’s VIP program to take advantage of this sweet promo. Luckily
playing just $10 worth of Blackjack
Video Poker and other Table Games will get you into the starting level of the VIP structure. Special Deposit BonusMillionaire Casino also has a nice bonus waiting for its players on Monday April 26th. Log in next Monday and get a 125% bonus on your first deposit of the day. You have to use a valid credit card and the deposit has to be at least $25 for you to get this nice little extra.


Indiana Appellate Court Rules in Favor of Thomas Donovan in Blackjack Case

Indiana Appellate Court Rules in Favor of Thomas Donovan in Blackjack Case
The Indiana court decided in favor of Thomas Donovan in a case against the Grand Victoria Casino. The court said that the casino cannot ban Donovan from blackjack because he counts cards.

Crown Casino Officials Changes the Odds on its Blackjack Tables
Crown Casino changed the odds of its blackjack tables which gives the casino more earnings. The changes were approved by the Victoria Commission for Gambling Regulation.

Florida Officials Considers Allowing Casino Table Games in Different Florida Gaming Facilities
Florida lawmakers are warming up to the idea of permitting pari-mutuels to offer casino games like blackjack. They said that it will directly compete with the Seminole casinos.

Online Blackjack Tips

Online Blackjack Tips

Online blackjack is a fun and easy way to start getting into online casino games. If you already know how to play blackjack from playing it in live casinos
you’ll have no problem with the online version
since the games play almost identically. With online blackjack
there are a few important tips to keep in […]

blackjack II
electric boogaloo

I got a cheap blackjack II
and I’m happy with it for the most part. However
I’m having trouble finding a headset/hands free set up for my car… I’m trying to avoid a bluetooth for price concerns and also
well – I find them dorky. I’d prefer a headset that sits around the ear like these or these. I cant seem to find one for the blackjack II
and opted for an earbud. The earbud suuucks
and doesnt seem to actually stay in my ear. The problem seems to be the jack that plugs into the phone is weird (see link for photo). Does anyone have a blackjack II and have a good headset? I’ve tried lots of googling
but to no avail. I’ll break down and buy a bluetooth if I have to
but for the small amount of time that I’d use the headset in my car (cali law) it just doesnt seem to make sense.


Microgaming Casino Spanish Blackjack

Microgaming casino Spanish Blackjack
Spanish Blackjack is a variant of blackjack that is offered at all Microgaming online casinos. The most striking feature of this online blackjack game is that the deck has only 48 cards instead of the regular 52 cards. All the tens are removed from the deck. Such decks are referred to as Spanish decks. Other than this the rules are similar to the usual blackjack games. The exact rules under which Spanish Blackjack is played at Microgaming online casinos are explained below. The game is played with eight Spanish decks. The dealer will check for blackjack when he is dealt face up card with a value of 10 or an ace. If the dealer has a blackjack then the player loses his wager. The dealer hits on a hand value of soft 17. The rules for splitting are as follows. Cards having the same value can also be split
such as a queen and a jack. Blackjack obtained after splitting aces and tens does not count as blackjack but as a hand value of 21. A player can split a maximum of three times in a game. Players can double down after a split. The usual insurance and late surrender bets apply. However
because the tens have been removed from the decks the insurance bet is a sucker bet in Spanish Blackjack and it should never be placed. Overall Spanish Blackjack offers a house edge of around 0.5% which is par for blackjack games. The minimum bet is 1 credit and the maximum bet is 500 credits. A feature in Spanish Blackjack
which is not found in other variants of blackjack
is the bonus payout for special combinations of hands that yield a hand value of 21. The Bonus 21 hand combinations and their payouts are bulleted below. Three sevens of the same suit
if the dealer has a seven face up: 50:1 Any five card 21: 3:2 Six
seven and eight of a mixed suit: 3:2 Three sevens of a mixed suit: 3:2 Any seven card or more 21: 3:1 Six
seven and eight of spades: 3:1 Three sevens of spades: 3:1 Any six card 21: 2:1 Six
seven and eight of the same suit: 2:1 Three sevens of the same suit: 2:1 Microgaming Spanish Blackjack belongs to the Gold Series of Microgaming online casino games. Therefore it is more elegantly crafted than the normal games offered by Microgaming and also contains several useful features. When the cursor is moved over the Game Rules text
all the game rules appear in a pop-up box. However
the most important feature in the Gold Series Spanish Blackjack is the Expert Mode. It has the Auto Play feature. This feature allows the players to set a number of deals that can be played without having to interact with the software manually. The time between deals can also be set. The Auto Play can be programmed to stop when any of a number of conditions is met such as a specified amount of a win
a specified increase in number of credits or a specified it decrease in number of credits. Auto Play in blackjack will work only if a strategy card is provided. Spanish Blackjack provides an optimum play default strategy card according to which all the moves are made in the Auto Play. Should the player want to make any changes in this strategy card he can access the card through the Expert Mode and save the modified strategy card
which will then be used in subsequent Auto Play games. Articles from Casino Advisor