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Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Blackjack Tournament Strategy
Just because you know the rules of blackjack, that doesn’t mean you know how to win. Similarly, just because you know how to win at blackjack, that doesn’t mean you know how to win a blackjack tournament. Blackjack tournaments introduce several unique game mechanics, and the best players know how to adjust their strategy accordingly. If you’re entering a blackjack tournament, then you’re playing to win. Here are some tips for doing so: Basic Betting Strategy for Blackjack Tournaments Blackjack tournaments differ from traditional blackjack play in that players are not just competing against the dealer, but other players and the clock as well. Because the goal of each round of a blackjack tournament is to get through the last hand with more chips than your competitors, betting obviously plays a major role in advancing to the next round. Different players will recommend different strategies, but the general consensus is that players should bet relatively conservatively at the onset, and make bigger bets as necessary. As play progresses, your chip count in relation to the rest of the table will dictate how aggressive your betting will get. If you are trailing a chip leader, then a big bet is the only way to achieve the big swing you need to catch his or her lead and advance to the next round. Similarly, a chip leader will likely want to simply match the bets of his closest competitors. That way, if both lose the hand, the lead remains constant. Blackjack Tournament Strategy – Be Aggressive Of all the blackjack tournament strategies out there, the least effective is to play conservatively. While this may work great for normal blackjack play, the short-term dynamics of tournament play make it a poor choice when competing for the biggest chip count. Conservative tournament players are essentially hoping all the other players will be dealt poor hands. This is hardly ever the case. Basic Play Strategy for Blackjack Tournaments Though tournaments require you to compete against other players to win the round, each hand remains a competition between you and the dealer. As such, traditional card playing strategies hold true for blackjack tournaments. Expert players know which hands to hold on, hit on and split on. For beginners, having a basic blackjack strategy decision chart on hand will help you hold your own against the pros. Such charts are easily available online.

With Blackjack, Bet on your Knowledge

With Blackjack, Bet on your Knowledge
Blackjack players can benefit by having a large knowledge base. This does not always work in your favor, but the more you know the better. When playing a hand of blackjack , you always want to bet on your knowledge. In other words, do what you think is right. If you are convinced that you know what you are doing, take a chance and see where it gets you. There are times when you simply need to follow what you know and see what happens. Sometimes you will win, and other times you will lose.The knowledge that you accumulate will help you in the future. Blackjack is not a game of many rules, but that being said, there are quite a few situations that you may run into. For this reason, you need to play as much as you can so that you can encounter as many of these situations as possible. When you see something one time, such as a particular hand, you will know how to better deal with this in the future. In turn, your chances of winning increase.The knowledge that you carry is your gateway to blackjack success . You should never stop learning, and always do your best to pick up a nugget of information no matter what happens. You can learn a lot by the moves that you make, as well as watching what others do. Many players are surprised to find out just how much they can pick up from other players and the dealer.In many cases, your knowledge of the game will be the difference between a win and a loss. Follow what you know, and then do what you can to let this guide you to success. But remember, there is nobody who knows everything about blackjack. All you can do is learn as you go along, and then use this knowledge to put yourself in the best position to win. © Copyright 2007 Online Blackjack News. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Gov. Charlie Crist and Florida Legislature Discusses Seminole Gaming Compact

Gov. Charlie Crist and Florida Legislature Discusses Seminole Gaming Compact
Casino Name Bonus Amount Review Visit Blackjack News Less than twenty-four hours after imploring the state legislature to approve a gaming compact with the Seminole Indian Tribe, Florida Governor Charlie Crist met with the main House negotiator to continue discuss the issue. Gov. Crist and State Representative Bill Galvano (R-Bradenton), met for about thirty minutes on March 4th, 2010 to talk about the gaming negotiations that have been going on for more than a year. Galvano said that he assured Gov. Crist that they can reach an agreement with the tribe. But it will not be the same agreement that Gov. Crist and the Seminole tribe proposed to the Florida legislature in 2009 that would have permitted blackjack and other banked card games at all seven casino facilities of the tribe in Florida. Rep. Galvano and the Legislature have proposed for expanded banked card games at just four of the seven casinos of the tribe to protect the pari-mutuel facilities, which also provides tax revenues to Florida. Rep. Galvano said that he is closely working with the Seminole tribe on a new agreement that can be presented to Gov. Crist. The game of blackjack is already being offered at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa, Florida, even though a new gaming compact has not yet been approved. Galvano has argued that the card games are illegally being offered at the gaming facilities, given that the previous gaming agreement that would have permitted them was dismissed by the legislature. Crist, in his State of the State speech on March 2nd, 2010, implored the legislature to approve the gaming compact with the Seminoles. Crist has estimated that more than $400 million in revenue would come to Florida this year if an agreement is reached. Crist told the legislators that he was not a fan of gambling either but he urged the lawmakers to be realistic about the current economic situation of the state. Rep. Galvano said that he told Gov. Crist that the legislature wants access to the Seminole gambling revenues too and they will do everything to make it a reality.   Sunday, March 21 , 2010Thomas Johnson

Barona Resort and Casino Offers Electronic Blackjack i-Table Game

Barona Resort and Casino Offers Electronic Blackjack i-Table Game
Casino Name Bonus Amount Review Visit Blackjack News Mixing the energy of the traditional blackjack with the newest gaming technology today, Barona Resort and Casino’s blackjack casino table games dealers are giving customers chipless hands and offering new side wager options with its newly launched electronic i-Table game on February 13th, 2010. Created by Shuffle Master, live casino dealers and casino playing cards are used in this simpler version of the well-loved casino game. But there are no casino chips to think about as all bets are made on individual touch screens. The results are also confirmed electronically. Mike Patterson, the vice president of casino table games operations of Barona Resort and Casino said that it is also are less intimidating and offers a faster game pace. Aside from that, players can also place side wagers with bigger odds on each card hand, including “Bet the Set 21” and “Royal Match 21”. According to Mike Patterson, once a card hand has been given by the dealer, all players also have the choice on whether to place an “odds wager”. The faster game pace also means that players can make lower minimum wagers on blackjack games at the Barona Resort. Just as with other chipless casino games introduced at the casino facility earlier this year, Patterson thinks that i-Table Blackjack is going to be a huge hit with casino table game players. Shuffle Master’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Parrott, said that they are very happy that Barona has installed their i-Table product to its gaming floor. He said that its electronic betting interface gives gamblers access to a wider variety of wagering opportunities while ensuring secure and quick game play.   Wednesday, March 17 , 2010Tim Arnell

Your First Blackjack Experience

Your First blackjack Experience
The first time that you play blackjack can be intimidating
and often times scary. After all
you may feel out of place or simply afraid that you are going to lose too much money.Fortunately
your first blackjack experience does not have to be a bad one. Instead
if you know what you are doing
you can have a lot of fun the first time around.Here are three tips to follow when you are finally ready to sit down at a blackjack table for the first time.1. Choose a table that does not have a big minimum bet. You will want to start out slow so that you can forget about losing too much money. In addition to a low wager table
have a budget that you can keep you in check. For instance
give yourself $100 to learn what the game is all about. From there
you can place bets and see how far it gets you.2. Learn the basic rules of the game before you ever head to the casino. When you know the basics
you will not feel as if you are out of place. Remember
blackjack is not a difficult game to come to terms with. If you are interested in playing
you need to put the time into learning the rules.3. Do not choose a table that is overly crowded. For your first blackjack experience you will be much better off at a table with little to no traffic. This will give you the chance to take your time while making bets
and move at your own pace. If you are going to be visiting a large casino
you should have plenty of tables to choose from.These three tips will help to make your first blackjack experience one to remember. You do not have to be scared
or worried that you are going to get scammed out of your money. Instead
follow these tips and have a great time. Remember
you are only a first time player once.  © Copyright 2007 Online Blackjack News. This material may not be published
or redistributed.