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The Simplicity of Online Blackjack

The Simplicity of Online blackjack
Online casino games are popular because you do not have to leave home to play them. But on that same token
some have more to offer than others.If you are looking for the simplest games
you will definitely want to consider online blackjack. There may be other games that are also easy to play
but there is not too much about blackjack that should confuse you.What makes online blackjack so simple? The basic point of this game is to take as many cards as you can to get as close to 21. Of course
you cannot bust
and you need to do this with more efficiency than the dealer. But after you play online blackjack for a few minutes
you will know the drill and will be well on your way. This is not to say that you never have to learn any strategy
but basic game play is just about as easy as it gets.Another nice feature of online blackjack is that you will be playing against the dealer and nobody else. This means that you never have to worry about another player beating you because they know more
or received better cards. For players who like a simple game that is not overly competitive against others
online blackjack is usually a good choice.When compared to a game like poker
it is easy to see how simple online blackjack is. If you are tired of playing games that are hard to follow and never yield results
you should play blackjack from time to time. And when it comes to simplicity
the online version has everything that you could want plus much more. © Copyright 2007 Online Blackjack News. This material may not be published
or redistributed.


Elimination Blackjack Rules and Protocol

Elimination blackjack Rules and Protocol
19 May ABOUT ELIMINATION BLACKJACK (TM) Elimination Blackjack™ is a trademarked unique Blackjack Tournament game hosted by and the game is something of a mix between Blackjack and Poker. This online tournament is one of the most exciting tournament games you may ever play. In Elimination Blackjack™
you still play each hand against the dealer but this is where it gets interesting and different: You will be trying to accumulate the largest amount of chips along the way. The player with the least amount of chips after hands 8
16 and 25 is eliminated. There is a Secret Bet. Each player gets one Secret Bet per round
allowing a certain amount of chips to be bet without letting the other players know what the bet is. The Secret Bet introduces an element of bluffing not found in other versions of Blackjack. If you love the thrill of poker and the excitement of Blackjack
you’re ready to play and win Elimination Blackjack™ at Ultimate Bet. IMPORTANT POINTS TO NOTE: Players can only start with a maximum bet of $25
000 in tournament chips. The preliminary round carries a minimum bet of $500. At the final table
players begin with a maximum bet of$100
000 in tournament chips – the minimum bet at the final table is $1
000. Elimination Blackjack™ features a rotating marker and the action will start on the button and rotate clockwise every hand. Each player has 25 seconds to make a decision. On Elimination Hands
a player will have 10 seconds to decide what they want to do. Hands 8
and 25 are Elimination Hands and the player with the least amount of chips on these hands will be eliminated. The Secret Bet that can be used at any time and only one is given to each player. The secret bet allows you to place your bet without revealing it to the other players. Whoever has the most chips at the end of Hand 30 wins. RULES FOR ONLINE ELIMINATION BLACKJACK Tournament Rounds Each Scheduled Elimination Tournament will consist of a minimum of two rounds and is dependent on the number of participants. All tournament rounds
including the finals
will consist of six (6) or seven (7) players at a table depending on the number of entrants. The number of rounds and number of players that advance will be determined after registration closes and before tournament starts. Each Elimination Sit and Go Tournament table will consist of six (6) or seven (7) players at a table depending on the number of entrants. The number of rounds and number of players that advance will vary based on the event. At the time a Scheduled Elimination Tournament is scheduled to start
the minimum number of players that must be registered to play in that tournament is thirty (30). Otherwise
the tournament has to be cancelled. The Elimination Sit and Go Tournament will start as soon as enough players have registered to fill all the available seats and these tournaments will consist of 7
or 21 player fields. The Final Round will be the final table for any tournament. The player with the highest value of chips after hand thirty (30) will be declared the winner or a player may be declared the winner if they are the only remaining player. If there is a tie after hand thirty (30) – then a playoff will be held to determine the winner. This will be governed by the playoff rules (See Section 15). Players & Protocol To participate in the tournament a player must show up before the sixth hand begins or they will be disqualified. For each absent hand
the minimum bet will be placed for the player and then the player will stand on the first two (2) cards. If at any time during the tournament
a player disconnects or sits out more than five (5) consecutive hands – the player is eliminated. The entry fee will vary based on the event. For any tournament round before the final round each player will receive $25
000 in tournament starting chips with a minimum bet of $500 and a maximum bet of $25
000 in increments of $500. In the Final R
each player will receive $100
000 in tournament chips and the minimum bet will be $1
000 and the maximum bet of $100
000 in increments of $1
000. Betting A rotating marker will be used to determine the betting and playing order at each table. The seating position will be determined by a random draw prior to the play of the first hand. The marker will always start at seat #1 and will rotate one position clockwise around the table. Betting will proceed in a clockwise rotation beginning with the position occupied by the marker and players must bet in order. Each player must place their desired bet before each hand begins within the specified time limit and once the hand is over
the dealer will pay winners and collect from losing hands. At the end of any hand
if a player has a total amount of chips that is less than the table minimum wager
then that person is immediately eliminated from the tournament and unable to compete in any further hands for that event. Dealing The dealer will deal from a 6-deck shoe with cards shuffled after every hand and will deal both initial cards face-up to the players and the dealer will receive one card up and one down. All double-down cards and second cards on split aces will be dealt face-down. All second cards on any other split pairs will be dealt face up. General Rules The dealer must hit on soft 17 or below The dealer must stand on hard 17 and above. Players may split and re-split up to four hands
except on aces
which may be split only once and receive one card down on each ace. Players may double down any first two cards including after split. Late surrender and insurance are available. In the event that the player has a blackjack and dealer shows an ace
the player must have chips to make an insurance bet. Insurance pays 2 to 1 and the player may wager up to one-half (1/2) their original bet. A player will be paid three to two (3 to 2) on blackjack unless the dealer also has blackjack
which will be considered a push. If the player splits a pair of aces or 10-valued cards and makes a two card 21
it does not count as a blackjack. A player may elect to double down on a blackjack instead of taking three to two (3 to 2). Player Time Limits Play of the hands must be completed within the time limits specified. Players have twenty-five (25) seconds on any non-elimination hand. Players also have ten (10) seconds on any elimination hand (hand 8
and 25) and on the thirtieth (30th) hand of the round. Using the secret bet button does not extend your time. If a player does not place a bet within the allotted time
the bet will automatically be the minimum. If the player does not act on a hand within the allotted time
the hand will automatically stand. Using the Secret Bet Each player has the option of placing one “Secret Bet” per Tournament Round. When the Secret Bet is used for the wagering portion of a hand
the player may also choose insurance and double down wagers or surrender and stand actions
secretly by selecting these options from the Secret Bet menu. At the end of the hand
after the dealer has completed play
the amount of the Secret Bet and any subsequent hand playing action will be revealed. If a player wishes to split on a Secret Bet
the player must have an equal or greater amount of chips relative to their original bet to split. If the player doesn’t have enough to chips to split
the option will not be given. If a player wishes to double down on a Secret Bet
the player may select the option from the secret bet menu. The player may double for the table minimum up to the full amount of the original wager. If a player wishes to conceal their action on a Secret Bet of not taking any hit cards as being either a stand or a surrender
the player may do so by denoting their decision of this option as selected from the Secret Bet menu. Elimination Hands Each Elimination Hand (8
25) must result in one player being eliminated after the hand is completed regardless of whether a player was eliminated on a previous hand or if the player was eliminated at the beginn
ing of an Elimination Hand for not having the minimum bet. The eliminated player will be the one with the lowest amount of chips when the hand is completed. Any player who does not have enough chips to make the minimum bet on any hand will be eliminated. When players tie for low on an Elimination Hand and those players are in contention for an advancing spot
a playoff will be held between those players to see who is eliminated. Playoffs At the conclusion of Elimination Hands 8
and 25
the player with the lowest total value of remaining chips will be eliminated. If two or more players are tied for the lowest total value of remaining chips
a playoff will be held. The number of hands in the playoff will be equal to the number of players tied at the beginning of the playoff. At the beginning of the playoff
the tied players will start with an amount equal to 20 times the value of the minimum bet. The first bettor in the playoff shall be the player who is naturally positioned to be next following the preceding hand. If any player(s) are still tied for low chip count at the end of the playoff
those remaining players start the playoff sequence again. After the playoff is completed
the remaining player(s) will begin the next hand with the same amount of chips they had prior to the playoff. Players cannot gain or lose chips during the playoff. Prize Pool Prize pool will be determined based on number of entries times the amount of the buy in. The percentage paid to the various spots will be determined by the Tournament Director and posted in the tournament details at the start of the tournament. Well
that’s a basic description of the rules of game for the Elimination Blackjack™ tournament – it is important persons desiring to play this game check on Ultimatebet’s website to ensure that they have read and understood the host’s rules and protocol of the game. If you do decide to try Elimination Blackjack™
then we wish you lucky winnings! Remember that Elimination Blackjack™ is also a game of skill. Related links Posted Tuesday
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