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The Insurance Wager in Blackjack

The Insurance Wager in Blackjack
An Insurance wager is a bad bet even if you have a good hand. You will be making a whole different wager when you choose the Insurance bet in blackjack. You should think twice before making this wager.

Bodog Casino’s Top Winners of the Day

Bodog Casino’s Top Winners of the Day

Joshua R. of MI found a great way to get over the mid-week slump and that’s by winning a grand total of $36
910 playing online blackjack here at Bodog casino Today was a great day for our casino players who claimed thousands in cash playing their favorite casino games. Zachary K. of NY came in […]

Online Blackjack Tips

Online blackjack is a fun and easy way to start getting into online casino games. If you already know how to play blackjack from playing it in live casinos
you’ll have no problem with the online version
since the games play almost identically. With online blackjack
there are a few important tips to keep in […]

Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Just because you know the rules of blackjack
that doesn’t mean you know how to win. Similarly
just because you know how to win at blackjack
that doesn’t mean you know how to win a blackjack tournament. Blackjack tournaments introduce several unique game mechanics
and the best players know how to adjust their strategy accordingly. […]


Best Blackjack Game & Double Exposure

Best blackjack Game & Double Exposure
Simulation results indicate that there are vital differences in what your time is worth for different playing conditions. Penetration is important. The rules are important.

Blackjack Strategies – Penetration
When you play blackjack
or how far down into the pack the dealer goes before shuffling
is extremely important. I always knew it was important
but I learned from the mass of simulations I have done …

Blackjack Hopefuls: What you need to know
Are you one of the thousands of people who want to win a lot of money with blackjack? If you are holding onto this hope
good for you.

Max Rubin: A Veteran in the World of Blackjack

Max Rubin: A Veteran in the World of blackjack

Max Rubin is like one of the many professional blackjack players who do not merely play to earn money. Rubin is also interested in sharing his skills with other people. He does not only like teaching blackjack players on how to improve their moves
but he also loves training blackjack dealers to improve their craft.

How Drinking Can Make You Lose in Blackjack

Drinking and playing blackjack in a casino look good together. However
there are some reasons why you shouldn’t drink while you make blackjack bets.