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Hand signals in Blackjack

Hand signals in blackjack
In online blackjack, different hand signals are used to convey the cards a player wants to play to the dealer and verbal instructions are not considered to be in good etiquettes and learning the correct signals is as important the rules of the game. The signals vary according to the number of decks the game is […]

Card counting in casino blackjack
There are many card counting systems like KO count, Hi-Lo count, Hi-Opt I count and Hi-Opt II count. Most systems start with a value of 0 at the start of the game. With every card that is dealt, the values will fluctuate. A player has to keep a track of all the cards dealt even […]

A Few Winning Online casino games Techniques
Once you are dealt the two cards, the dealer goes around the table and checks to see if you want to “hit”, “stay”, or “split”. If you “hit”, the dealer gives you another card to add to your total. You would normally hit on any cards (unless you have a 20 or blackjack) if the […]