Starting To Play Blackjack Online

Starting To Play Blackjack Online
Starting To Play Blackjack Online Ready to hit the virtual blackjack tables? Good for you. Whether you’ve been resisting because you didn’t think online blackjack could compare to the real thing or you’re discovering blackjack online for the first time, there’s no better time to get started. Starting to Play Blackjack Online When starting to play blackjack online, the first thing you’ll need is an online casino account. There are a wide variety of online casino sites out there, so take some time, look at some reviews and choose your favorite. Some of the options you will consider are the reputation of the site, the quality of the features and graphics that the site offers, and the size of any bonuses you may receive for signing up. Once you’ve found your site, downloaded the online casino software and set up your online casino account, you’re ready to play some online blackjack. If you’ve never played blackjack before there should be a tutorial on the site, or you can find a basic tutorial elsewhere online. Playing Blackjack Online To be successful at online blackjack, you’re going to want to use what is known as basic strategy. Basic strategy is a chart of moves that tells you what the highest value action is for any situation. Playing according to basic strategy can reduce the House edge to one or two percentage points, while playing according to hunches can give the house a massive advantage.Since you’re just starting out, you’ll want to find an online basic strategy chart and keep it open at all times. You may want to do this even after you become experienced just to be sure not to make any mistakes. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t rack up massive wins right away. Although most players lose over the long term, things should come pretty close to evening out over time if you play correctly. Online Blackjack Warning Remember to protect your bankroll and only risk an amount you can comfortably afford to lose in each session. This will enhance your enjoyment of the game and make sure it does not cause you any undue stress.


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Review of Red Flush Casino

Red Flush is my #1 recommended casino for Canadian players. They accept a large number of Canadian deposit methods including Echeck, Ecocard ( ecopayz ) credit cards and more. Play instantly or discover all Red Flush has to offer with their full download version.

I was thrilled when Redflush online casino joined the Fortune Lounge family. They are an excellent addition to an already amazing group of casinos that include favorites like 7 Sultans, Euro Palace, Platinum Play and Royal Vegas. Not only do players now have another great casino to choose from but a full list of bonus offers now open up including their triple welcome bonus

  • 1st Deposit – 100% Match Bonus up to $200
  • 2nd Deposit – 50% Match Bonus up to $400
  • 3rd Deposit – 25% Match Bonus up to $400

My recent experience at Red Flush was just as expected. Easy and almost painless. A few minutes with customer service ( shout out to Iris ! )  to claim my bonus and I was off to play some of the new slots. My deposit was $50 and I claimed the 100% bonus through live chat to which they instantly added the extra $50 to my balance so I could start playing right away. The only issue I had was the wagering which I thought was 30 x but it turned out to be be 40 x for the original welcome bonus but not really an issue. It’s 30 x all all other bonuses and it can be cashed out along with the winnings which I am happy to say, I did. A whole $175 woot !

My deposit was done through ecopayz as that is my go to method since they accept Canadians and their charge of 1.7% is minimal enough that I continue to use the service. On a side note, Ecopayz is the new name for EcoCard just so there is no confusion.

I tried a few of their new games and stuck to 5 different slots the entire 4 hours I played.

  • *NEW – Rabbit in the Hat ( was okay but nothing to write home about )
  • *NEW – Lucky leprechaun ( loved it x 2 !!)
  • Thunderstruck II ( love it but no luck this round )
  • The Dark Knight ( hated it and will never play it again )
  • Gold Factory ( loved it )

My goal was to reach $200 and then cash out but I only managed to find myself with $175 after I had met the playthrough requirement but when all was said and done I had a nice little profit. My winnings were paid to my Ecopayz account by noon on the second day which is great.

Over all a very good experience from a well established online casino. I would expect nothing less from Microgaming and the Fortune Lounge group.


play for free Wizard of Odds Online Slot Games

It is now totally possible to play a wide range of different online casino games from the comfort of your own home and if you would like to do so then there is a range of ways in which to do this. Many individuals are creating a wealthy income for themselves by playing on many different games that range from poker and roullette, through to blackjack and a wide range of slot machine games.

If you would like to play for free wizard of odds online slot games then you can do so via the many different slot machines games that are available across the web. These are accessible to those that want to make an income that is passive or full time and this can be done via a computer or via a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet. This is great as it means that you can gain access to the online casino from any location.

This is great as it means you will always be able to play the casino games of your choice.

If you want to Play for free wizard of odds online slot games then you can search for the games online to find them across many different online casinos. These slot games are very popular among players that like to gain access to jackpots simply via the rules of the slot game. There also bonuses available and these can be beneficial to those who want to gain access to free funds with which to play with. For more information on the wide range of games that are available, visit the web today and search for online casinos that are online. You will gain access to many high quality sites that will offer you a full time income or a passive income.

About Live Dealer Black Jack!

About Live Dealer Black Jack!
Are you asking yourself “where can I play live dealer blackjack sites”? Well, that is if you have not tried blackjack with a live dealer, the best of online gaming. Although live dealer blackjack sites are quite expensive, the service is more than satisfactory and experience more than entertaining. Blackjack clearly outdoes roulette and baccarat when it comes to online games.
Generally, a blackjack is popular because of the concept of probability used in the game. The use of the card counting techniques makes the game very interesting. The best part of playing the game online is that blackjack is easy even for starters. The key things that guide any player are amount of cash you are willing to risk for loss, number of opponents in a single table and the strategy for playing to win. Remember, Blackjack sites will require you to use a computer that has a webcam. Such a feature is good since it allows you to meet new people every time you play at your home. The game is mainly composed of a maximum of six players per table. Live dealer blackjack sites allow players to practice a couple of strategies on different circumstances. This means you get a better understanding of different playing styles of as you practice against different opponents. The more you play online blackjack the more you will learn more and yourself a chance to win bigger prizes. How else can it get better? Blackjack does not need any introduction as far as players are required making the game easy to play. Normally, blackjack begins with two cards hands and the aim is to make the hand have a value of twenty-one. At times luck plays a role on who wins better.
As you partake in the casino game online, you are most likely to meet people you share interests with. Furthermore, the dealer sites can also be social online platforms. What makes live dealer blackjack sites popular is the super convenience. Imagine playing with other people in different parts of the world at the comfort of your home. Rarely will you have to wait, but this is often dependent on a site. Many people deny themselves an opportunity to enjoy blackjack fearing troubles (crime, thick fogs of cigarette smoke, and assorted miscellaneous debaucheries) associated with real world casinos. where can I play live dealer blackjack games, should be a question of the past after you read this article. Most common sites include paddy power and That said…your next tab should be loading a blackjack site. Success!

Blackjack Terminologies to Increase Your Edge

Blackjack Terminologies to Increase Your Edge
Bankroll- The existing money that a player prepares for the betting while a game is going on. Action- This is the money a player bets with particular time duration. Black Chip- This is a chip worth a hundred dollars. Blackjack- This happens when the ace and a Jack, ten, King or Queen card are the primary two cards dealt. Burn Card- This is the primary card in a shoe which is new that a dealer takes out and then discards. Break- This happens when a player goes beyond twenty one and then busting. Cut Card- This card is a colored and plastic. This is given by the dealer to a player for cutting the deck/decks. Bust-This happens when a hand is goes over twenty one. Face Cards- This is the 4 suits composed of the Queens, Jacks and Kings. Early Surrender- This happens as soon as a player gives up or surrenders prior to the checking of the cards for the blackjack by the dealer. In this case the player loses fifty percent of a bet only. Face Down Game- This occurs to a player whose 1st card is dealt upwards and the 2nd card is dealt downwards. Flat Bet- This happens when the player is giving the same bet for each hand. Face Up Game- This occurs when the 1st 2 cards of the player is dealt upwards. Hard Hand- The Ace in a hand isn’t considered as an eleven but as a one. Green Chip- This is a chip worth twenty five dollars. Hit- This happens when a player asks the dealer for one more card. Head On- Playing blackjack at a table in the company of the dealer. House – This is another term for the casino. Hole Card The primary card drawn by the dealer and placed facing down. Insurance-When the 2nd card of the dealer happens to be an ace, a player will be given the chance of putting a bet on the side that a ten becomes the hole card of the dealer. It would also become a blackjack. In this case, if the insurance will be taken a player could lose only fifty percent of the initial bet. Pat hand – A hand with the sum or total of seventeen up to twenty one. Pair- Two numerical cards or two face cards which are the same. Red chip- A chip that is worth five dollars. Push- This is the tie between the player and the dealer. Shoe – This is a device which is shaped like a shoe. This is where the cards are drawn out before the dealer deals. Shuffle Up- This occurs as the dealers shuffle the cards early on as a strategy to lessen the ability of the players to count their cards. Soft Hand- The hand where the ace card is counts as eleven. Split Hand- This happens as the 2 initial cards have the same value and the player divides the hand in two and plays them one by one. Settlement- This is where the results are finalized. The money is also given at this point if it is either a win, a push or a loss of the bet. Stiff- This is a hand characterized by a lesser chance of a win. Stand / Stay- This happens as the player disagrees to one more card. Surrender- This happens as the player is allowed to stop playing.